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Traveling tips

Traveling tips

Whether you are going on a vacation, weekend trip or corporate tour, travelling is always a fun experience altogether. Like every other task, you should be well prepared about the pros and cons of everything before travelling, otherwise, this fun experience can turn up into a bad experience. So, there are few common things that you should keep in mind while heading towards any journey.

Medication Kit - Always carry a common medication kit with you that may include headache, toothache, stomachache and other common medicines. Besides, you should also carry bandages, peroxide, and other items you feel would be necessary.

Cash Money - These days, carrying plastic money (Debit and Credit Cards) is a common trend but mind it, keeping a sufficient amount of cash can save you in urgent needs.

Pack All Essentials - While packing for any outing, do remember to carry all essential documents like passport, driving license, toiletries and inner clothing. Above all, make a checklist and cross check that you have packed all things you need.

Well, these were the common guidelines that you must follow while travelling. Read on to know some pointers that will certainly help you during your holiday in India.

* Always, always and always drink and use bottled (sterilized) drinking water.
* Carry your essential documents like driving license, ID, emergency contact numbers and passport with you.
* Indian spices are known for their exotic flavor and taste but not everyone can digest it. So, try to avoid spicy street food (like Chat, Pakora and other snacks) as it may not be suitable for your health.
* India has a relatively modest culture and covering your arms and legs is a simple step towards respecting this. Always dress conservatively in order to avoid unwanted attention.
* To avoid any hassle while commuting from Airport / railway station to hotel always ask for a pick up.
* In India, people are generally very helpful and courteous but always follow your instinct before asking help from a stranger.

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